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Meet Del & Lee

Every item of jewellery is handmade and one of a kind, which allows for the production of special and individual pieces.

As Leesa’s creations gained traction and attention with great feedback from the public, she began probing into the creation of more products out of bike tubes, as well as other recyclable materials.

Leesa’s love of nature is reflected in her work and in the unique design of her products. She believes in creating individual pieces that reflect both ethical and sustainable standards, so that everyone can enjoy her jewellery while remaining conscious of protecting the planet.

Having always had an interest in fashion and design, as well as being a long-term advocate of recycling and doing all things possible to preserve the planet, Edel was instantly excited and interested when she first saw Leesa’s creations. Like many more people, she was extremely impressed with the quality of Leesa’s designs, most notably their durability and versatility, as well as the lightweight feeling of the products, which is such an important factor of comfortable earring wear.

Over the last while, with both her children in school, the time felt right to partner with Leesa and build and establish a business together.

From this long-lasting friendship, Del & Lee was born.

About Del

Edel McDonagh moved to Westport at a young age. She was lucky enough to meet Leesa immediately after her move and they have been friends ever since. They have always shared similar interests, hobbies and views, and in more recent years they have enjoyed many days cycling together!

After running her own marketing business for many years, Edel took some time off to raise her young children. While doing so, she spent some much loved time upcycling pieces of furniture for her home and also for family and friends; a project she thoroughly enjoyed.

About Lee

Leesa Murray is an artist from the West of Ireland. Over the years, she has experimented with many different art forms, most notably mosaic design, with which she has a very credible portfolio. She particularly enjoys exploring new types of art, and has always loved finding new and different materials to create her art with.

A few years ago, Leesa started cycling. As her love for cycling grew, so did the motivation to reconnect with her creative side. Her passion for cycling, combined with her love for nature and the planet, led her to have a breakthrough moment. She developed the idea of creating unique jewellery pieces out of recycled bike tubes.

Our Environmental Policy

Our jewellery is made from recycled inner bike tube material as well as other recycled components.

All the bike tube material is sourced locally from the Westport Bike Shop. From there, it is taken to our workshop where it is washed and treated before it is turned into unique stylish earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Each piece of jewellery is carefully designed and cut out of rubber material. Beautiful coloured beads and other details are then added, it’s at this stage that the jewellery really starts to come to life!!

With thousands of tyres and tubes been thrown into landfill each year, using them to create a sustainable jewellery brand was a no brainer.

Because of this, our customers can enjoy wearing our jewellery while knowing that they are actively helping the environment when they do!

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